Premium cheese

group the finest varieties of Super Lactis: classic cheese, herb cheese, party cheese platters and truffle goat cheese.

Premium classic

La Colline” Premium classic cheese is the oldest, the most famous, as well as the most requested products of Super Lactis Company. The semi mature white cheese is fondant, has a balanced goaty flavor and a smooth bouquet.

Presentation: 100 g discs

Premium herb

“La Colline” Premium herb cheese is spread with leaves of marjoram, parsley, basil, tarragon, some white pepper and a hint of garlic. The product looks cheerful, spread with green leaves and its taste is enriched by green herbs.

Presentation: 100 g discs

Party Platter

La Colline” Party Platter is presented as mini-discs of a coin’s size and shape. The small discs form a mosaic of colors and fragrances, as some of them are natural and others are spread with dill or sweet paprika. The Party Platter is decorative and it does not require any other touch in order to be presented to guests.

Presentation: 12 mini-discs of 150 g

Truffle cheese

La Colline” truffle cheese is a specialty presented as goat cheese rounds embedded with native truffles. They can be served as they are, or along with other delicacies.

Presentation: 12 mini-discs of 150 g