Rolls variety

includes four types of cheese: classic roll, a la Provence cheese, mosaic pepper cheese and coal ash cheese.

classic rolls

The classic rolls contain a semi mature white goat cheese, with a fine structure and a balanced goaty flavor.

Presentation: 100 g cylinder

„A la Provence” rolls

„A la Provence” rolls are spread with fine herbs, such as rosemary, oregano, sage, marjoram, wild thyme, mint and basil.

Presentation: 100 g cylinder

Pepper rolls

Pepper rolls are spread with a powder of white, green, red and black pepper. The product has a hot taste and a cheerful aspect.

Presentation: 100 g cylinder

Coal ash rolls

Coal ash rolls are manufactured according to an ancient tradition of the shepards from the Alps, who used to spread the goat cheese with ash and smashed coal. The coal powder protects the cheese and at the same time, it gives its particular ashy black color.

Presentation: 100 g cylinder