Spread cream cheese

Cream cheese

The spreadable cream cheese is suitable for sandwiches, cheeseburger, on baguette or in pie. It goes well with fish, bacon, ham, salami, bell pepper, tomatoes, lattice or olives. This specific sort of cheese could be an ingredient of cooking pasta, pizza, corn bread or sauces based on cheese.

The spreadable cream cheese could be modeled in figures as balls, cubes or pyramides. According to your taste, imagination and possibilities the figures could be covered with seeds, spices or fresh green leaves.

Presentation: 125 g vacuumed bag


Three varieties of La Colline goat cream cheese are sold at the assisted sale counters of the large retailers.

The sweet goat cheese
can be served as it is, or it can be used for deserts and sandwiches with goat cheese.

The classic cream cheese
can be spread or shaped into balls or little packages.

The dill cream cheese
contains dill weed which is mixed in the cream giving its particular flavor and aspect.

Presentation: the bulk cream cheese is delivered to the client in 5 Kg buckets and the requested quantity is weighed and packed on the spot.