The qualities of La Colline cheese

Premium  cheese

100% goat milk

Natural ingredients

Only 300 kcal/100g

No cholesterol

Legends tell that the gods from Mount Olympus were raised with goat milk which benefits for health are well known and appreciated since antiquity. “La Colline” cheese varieties concentrate and amplify the healing properties of the goat milk.

“La Colline” cheese contains only natural ingredients: goat milk, lactic ferments, natural kid rennet, sea salt, spices and herbs. No types of preservatives, additives or genetically modified organisms are used.

The fine flavor and the delicate structure are obtained by using a slow technology, manufactural processing and monitored maturation.

“La Colline” goat cheese does not contain any cholesterol, it has only 300 kcal/100g, it is a hypoallergenic product, it has high digestibility as it is recommended for diets, chronic diseases or in convalescence.

La Colline cheese has a low content of salt.